BRTT & TRB | 1st of July 15.00 – 18.00 at Studio Balance


Free yourself from trauma, stress, pain and illness. Let your body remember stored negative energy and release it with these powerful techniques. 

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Our body has a lot of capacity to hold tension. One can not be aware of all the tension the body is holding on to, also because the mind compartmentalizes severe tension, a.k.a. trauma. This trauma or tension can cause longterm aching or discomfort in the physical body, but it can also be the cause of our thinking and behavioral patterns. This workshop will allow you to feel through the stuck tension and trauma’s so they can be released. It is called the Body Remembers Trauma Therapy (BRTT) and Trauma Release Breathwork (TRB). The shaking happens while you lay on your back with the knees open.

The breathwork is based on Wilhelm Reich’s 7 armors, a.k.a. the seven belts of tension and is more then only circular breathing. Reich meant with this that we all have coping patterns, character defenses that we develop throughout out life, long before we were able to think or talk. These patterns come from every relationship we have (had) in life. Depending on how our life unfolds, this defensive structure can become problematic next to adaptive. Reich called these habits simply an armor.
The various breathwork will take you through the 7 armors, which correspond to the 7 chakra’s. We end with holotropic or circular breathing of Stanislav Grof. Both the shaking and the breathing will be guided by music. The breathing will be guided by louder, evocative music to support your journey to an unusual state. You open up to bodily felt sense and experience whatever the body wants to release.

Whatever you experience during these workshops, whatever moves through you, it moves through you in the moment of now. This means you have to trust your body that it will only stir up blocked energy that you can handle as the human being that you are now. Sometimes re-birthing can occur, sometimes people shout, scream or even remember things that the mind has stored far away.

During this workshop you take a full plunge into both techniques. After the work is done, you will enjoy a little snack before you head off.

It is important you take some time for yourself after the workshop to let the changes settle in, to integrate. This means taking it easy with yourself and maybe even journaling about what you notice about yourself and your behavior.

Please do not sign up for there workshops if you have/are:
pregnant – heart disease – recent stroke – epileptic – glaucoma – severe astma – have had a psychosis – borderline – schizophrenic – multiple personality disorder.
Please inform us if you are taking any medication or if you have a very high or very low blood pressure.

Come to the workshops with very little food in the stomach. Refrein from taking any drugs or alcohol at least 48 hours before the workshops. Wear clothes that allow you to be comfortable laying on your back with your knees opened up in butterfly pose.
Our sessions can be given in Dutch or English.

In general it takes about 6 or 7 sessions to get the biggest trauma’s out of your system. Through repetition you are able to learn the shaking, so you can explore and practice the shaking on your own. It becomes a tool that you can use for the rest of your life.


Cancellation is possible 48 hours before the event. In case you cancel your registration we don’t refund money but will give you a new ticket for a next event.